Hey ! From saturday I’ll be on tour with the distro together with DISKÖSE (raw punk d-beat, France) Come and score some rex !



BACK WITH A BRAND NEW CASSETTE EP of the highest quality called CRISE-PASSION – the cursed, the noisiest, the angriest DISKÖSE is leaving on the 25th of November for the first proper crusade of its own history. Born in 2014 DISKÖSE is a gathering of all the finest persons in Besançon, playing the least fine music of this shit town streets. Disköse vomits a blend of raw punk, d-beat and Oï! Worshiping kawakami, offending crust music, these 5 lads will come to you in this ultimate sublime Eurotour. Beware, we want your skull. Punk is Love, FTW, Anarchy Violence

!!! Watch-out !!!

25/11 – Saulxures/Moselotte (FR) – Le Gai Luron + Welldonedumboyz + Misa Histerica

26/11 – Strasbourg (FR) – Le Diamant D’or + Henry Fonda + Scorpion Thunderbold

27/11 – Mons (BE) – Le Lab + Zozo Violenta

28/11 – Antwerpen (BE) – Music City + Agathocles + Misa Histerica

29/11 – Giessen (DE) – Ak44 + Frozen Man Syndrome

30/11 – Leipzig (DE) – Liwi

01/11 – Plauen (DE) – Projekt Schuldenberg + Codenamehydra + Ophelia

02/11 – Tübingen (DE) – Hegel7



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