1Hey folks ! The split 7 » SETE STAR SEPT / JUCIFER are here ! Great piece of wax shared by these two amazing duos, SSS offers 7 new tracks, killer tunes with proper sound, JUCIFER proposes 2 tracks released on their last full lenght. Artworks by two killers : Jurictus and Sam Rictus. Very happy happy to share this release with WITCH BUKKAKE RECORDS. 4€ + postage, I’d be happy to trade as well.


The tape version of the demo of the friendly all star band from the east part of France POTENCE was also released a week ago. High quality screamo crust with members od DAITRO, HUMAN COMPOST, GERANÏUM and BLACK CODE.

Also new : DISKÖSE’s debut tape : usure passion. 15 minutes of buckled noisy d-beat hailing from France with members of various bands which doesn’t sound like that. You can check it on bandcamp, 3€ + postage.

3The repress of the great live split (DDH002) between CHIENS and SIX BREW BANTHA is also available.

Finally a SETE STAR SEPT / GROSSEL split should be released within the next month.

That’s all for now.(



Another release appeared lately at the DDH HQ. The grinding meeting between to French bands : GROSSEL and GHETTÖ. GROSSEL heads from the great East and provides 6 tunes of Mincecore, ARCHAGATHUS like. This is their 3rd release. GHETTÖ on the other hand comes with their second tapes playing an amazing power violence music. GHETTÖ is with members of CHIENS, MONARCH and even GEORGES BITCH JUNIOR: everything is said right ?!


This comes on tape, screenprinted cover by circle print, program repeats on both side (15 minutes). This is available for 3€ + shipping, as usual if you want to trade drop me a line.


Oï! The new LP of the almighty losers of Grenoble (fr) are in ! I received the 57 copies dued to the DEAF DEATH HUSKY, this is a cooproduction with WITCH BUKKAKE, CRAPOULET, NO WAY, REPULSIVE MEDIA, NUCLEAR ALCOHOLOCAUST and NEANDERTHAL STENCH.


SATAN plays an extremely good rockish black metal, sang in French with great lyrics. They’ve been doing it for like 6 years and this is their first LP and moreover the first release with this new line up. Artwork provided by the legendary Pakito Bolino from Le Dernier Cri. The vynil is black and sounds quite solid. check the shit here :

satan 2